It seems that Katy Perri will return to the stages in 2017, after getting an acceptable triumph with her album Prism.

Her fans can be delighted it. The international artist in recently statements, has made clear that next year we will enjoy her new tour, in which will present her new disco.

Let us remember her presentation in cannes festival, where she shined in all her appearance, being the main focus. Besides, she showed us a preview about her new songs in the amfAR gala, showing us that her voice is in the best moment of her career, also her new disco has everything it need to become another success.

It has been more than 3 years since Perry launched Prism, her fourth record of her career, and the third with her name Katy Perri on it. Her words to cheer her fans about her new record and the tour for next year are the following: “I am going on tour in 2017 with a new disco in which I am working at the moment”.

It seems, the Californian artist is already in studio, re-touching of what is going to be her new album, and it is pretty secure it will have the same success as Prism, remember the success that Roar, Dark horse or Birthday had.